Angels in the North.

The clocks went back, I travelled a few hundred miles North, Halloween came and went and now it’s November. Surely time to rest up? Alas, work to complete the album continues as new songs beg to be born. I’ve come to realise my life is not the norm. I’ve been catching up with old friends and making new ones – the kindness of strangers all add to a truly memorable trip.

After the fun and frolics of Morecambe, I’m now tucked-up in the Cumbrian hillside wearing two jumpers and my trusty leg warmers. I’ve been out in my wellies and foraged for inspiration in the form of snapped images and dried leaves. I love it here. It’s wild.

I’ve been listening to the recordings, making notes, daydreaming. Playing some guitar – a full bodied Crafter, sings like an angel. My iTunes library rolls on and finds Hallelujah, the Jeff Buckley version, and I’m lost. For words. For a moment.


  1. It all sounds cozy.

    1. It is, but I miss my cats.

      1. I can understand you on that.

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